It’s been an incredible year of growth and success for London, Ontario rock trio Basic White. Since the release of their debut album, The Second Half, in January of 2019, the band has seen its popularity soar. Comprised of founder/guitarist/songwriter Riley White, guitarist Sandro Di Stefano and drummer Jordan Wallace – they are as talented, driven and savvy as any young act on the circuit. Basic White’s unique blending of the best elements of classic rock with very modern sensibilities helped garner their initial full-length foray into the music industry with excellent reviews and social media buzz.

For White, the positive reception for The Second Half was rewarding enough for all the hard work the band had put into honing their songwriting, perfecting their playing and building their fans base up the old fashioned way – through energetic live shows, highlighted by songs that people can connect with. “After the release of the album and thanks to a combination of social media, great press, and radio and video play we started selling out our own headlining shows, which we had never done before, said White. We’ve played over 60 shows in the past year, which is kind of mind-blowing! We also played with some amazing Canadian artists including Danko Jones, Tokyo Police Club, and Alan Doyle. We weren’t getting those sorts of shows before the record came out.”

The second and final single from the album is Brigade, a powerful anthem about the importance of building a support system around yourself to help reach your dreams and get through the hard times. It’s White’s version of Band of Brothers. “The music video for Brigade was shot at a big mansion on the outskirts of London, so it’s a real visual treat. The song and the video are somewhat purposely a big contrast to each other. The song is about starting the band, whereas the video is more about a toxic relationship where you’re at war with each other,” White said.

“I had the idea for Brigade way back, and its pretty much about the early days and starting the band, and starting your own brigade, starting your own team where you don’t have to rely on anybody else kind of deal. Like a band of brothers. I played a lot of hockey growing up, so I think the team concept to me is really cool and important, so that kind of idea of starting your own team. I find that this song more than any of the other songs had a real Arkells kind of radio-friendly vibe to it. But it is super anthemic and super up-tempo, and it’s a good dancer for sure.”