After four years of touring, 2 EP’s and a full length LP, and playing any club or stage they could get their foot in, Basic White decided to take some down time during the pandemic to regroup, reassess and decide what they wanted next. The band comprised of founder/guitarist/songwriter Riley White, guitarist Sandro Di Stefano and drummer Jordan Wallace, decided the focus was to establish an updated sound for the band with a reinvigorated sense of purpose. The result is their newest singles, “Stand Up” and "Never Knew".

“The song "Stand Up" was born out of the feeling of insignificance. During the dog days of the pandemic it became harder and harder to find my purpose and self worth in a world that seemed like it had so many bigger problems going on in it than what was happening with me. So the goal was simply to just write a song that made me feel better about myself, and maybe in turn somebody else who heard it may feel the same” - Riley White

With new singles and shows beginning to be locked into the schedule, it is sure to be a triumphant return to the music scene for Basic White.